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Imam Reza (p.b.u.h.) said:

"Certainly, the earth shall never be devoid of one of us" Imams".

(Kamaaluddin, Vol.1, Pg.229)

Published on: 15 May, 2016 - 09:31

The Wise System of Islamic Society

Now, let us look at the wise system of Islam. Here we find that Islam has laid down a straight-forward highway with such skill that a man walking on it may enjoy the sweet smell of both these systems, and still not be beset by the thorny problems of either. How?
Islam removed the basic cause of lethargy by decreeing that everyone is responsible for the expenses of his own dependents: he has no right to put the burden of his children, for example, on the shoulders of other relatives. Thus, the evil effects of the Joint Family System were avoided; at the same time, everyone was emphatically enjoined to “keep the bond of relationship intact.” This prevented the tendency to selfishness and aloofness from one's own flesh and blood.


Translated by: Mr Qolizadeh