Published on: 11 January, 2016 - 10:16

Dear mister, we call you everywhere and every time to come back!

But neglected of who should come back isn't you!

That's us should back to ourselves!

Dear Molly, we just want you to hear our sounds and have a short glance at us!

But have forgotten that you as a witness consider all our actions and twice a week have the folder of our actions in front of your eyes.

With disability cry out maybe found a sign of you and devout ourselves to you…

I'm amaze, I don't know besides all longing we have to you, why we don't sacrifice our personal benefits and world enjoyment to you?

Aren't you our beloved?

Don't we aspire appearance you?

So why is what you expect heavy to us? 

We all follow to find a sing of you, but forgotten every moment you may cross along us…

O imam Zaman, we all wish just for a short time saw you and expressed  our emotion to you, again and again disremember  the eternal presence of you that whenever call you, you  will answer us!

Even forgotten that the person who may slowly cross us be you, but we disregard it.

O imam Zaman, I don't know what has happened that we have forgotten the aroma of you spreader all around us…

Please pray us; Maybe to reverence of your pray, we would come back to ourselves…


Written by:saeedeh Abaszadeh



Yes,this is the real concept of appearance...