Imam Mahdi's behavior and actions after appearance:

     He will conquer the east and west of the earth. His monarchy will settle in the world. The sky and the earth will be full of blessing and mercy. Safety will be established whole the universe, for example if a woman wants to travel a long distance in desert alone, she will be safe and nothing as bandit, fierce animals, and robber could bother her. He will establish peace, justice, pleasure, kindness, welfare, goodness, comfort, and monotheism in the world.

     By coming him the earth will get rid of every evil and cruelty then he replaces them with kindness and goodness. Everything will happen fast without procrastination. He by help of God, cures believer people and cleans their heart of every sorrow and sadness. the

    He puts Hazrate  Mohmad's  tradition(custom) as his plan and acts according to it. In his government nobody has superiority of the other one. People from different nations and race are the same. Basis of superiority is virtue.

    At the end he, as the savior of oppressed people, will come and revenge the enemies that oppress against shia for long time during history…   

Translated by:Saeedeh Abaszadeh