Launched a mobile application <ELM>

check out the mobile software <ELM>

Taking mobile app <ELM>

Taking mobile app <noor-e-Iman>

The mobile application <Mahdavi family> was unveild on stage.

The sessions of Cheshmesar-e –Marefat (72)

Hojjatolislam Najdat

Fourth series of meeting Nahjolbalaghe


The sessions of Cheshmesar-e –Marefat (59)

Rasol Javanali – Azar

How to feel better? How we look better? What we have to look at?



"Allegories of Mahdism" application was unveiled




"Bears", the mobile application was unveiled

For all things "Tofigh" ( good fortune) is necessary and the man cannot take the step without the permission of God.