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Imam Reza (p.b.u.h.) said:

"Certainly, the earth shall never be devoid of one of us" Imams".

(Kamaaluddin, Vol.1, Pg.229)

Published on: 9 January, 2016 - 13:34

Taking mobile app <noor-e-Iman>

Production mobile application <noor-e-Iman> began.

According to the public relations of association Tabriz Varesan-e-Entezar , mobile app <noor-e-Iman> with efforts of association has already under production.

Association of news of Tabriz Varesan-e-Entezar said: the notification application histed has a brief look at the traditions houshold of faith and will be offered for the Android operating system and Java.

He added: software features described in detail in the production process and will be unveiled for you.

Translated by: Afshari