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Imam Reza (p.b.u.h.) said:

"Certainly, the earth shall never be devoid of one of us" Imams".

(Kamaaluddin, Vol.1, Pg.229)

Published on: 24 January, 2016 - 12:16

Launched a mobile application <ELM>

The mobile application <ELM> have been unveiled.

According to the public relations of association of Tabriz Varesan-e-Entezar,ehe mobile application  <ELM> was launched in Mosque Darolislam. According to the report, responsible of the software development unit: Prophet Muhammad said: seeking knowledge, seeking mercy. Digger knowledge of pillars of Islam and the reward given by the Prophets. Seeking for knowledge in deeper vision is feature of the human ,which make differ from animals. We need in all stages of life, science weapons to help soldier’s ignorance slaughter and his path to the goal safely to the finish. Therefore, the application <ELM> includes 40 tradition (saying) of the Prophet and household (Ahlulbayt) is about science.

What good is reading the sayings of Prophet and the household (Ahlulbayt) to understand the value of science and try to add to our knowledge by there.

She Added: the software has features like the possibility to search in all sectors, take notes, it is possible to select text and write part of the text as an SMS and ability to change the type and size that is written.

And it is suitable for the operating system Android and Java offered.


Translated by: Afshari